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Welcome Aboard, Matty

Characters: Jayne and Matty (also open to the rest of the crew as soon as Jayne uses the intercom)
Warnings: Language

Jayne sat at the table in the mess, cleaning his guns with a contented smirk on his face. Weren't nothing like a good home-cooked meal to lift a man's spirits, far as he were concerned. It had been good to visit the old homestead, far too long since he had been home. As he was screwing the barrell back onto Sasha, a movement caught the corner of his eye, someone ducking behind the counter. Was that a girl? He had seen River heading down to the infirmary just moments before, no way she could have gone around to the other side of the ship and come up on that side of the room in that amount of time, and no one else on the ship was wont to sneak around in that fashion. Frowning, he stood and stalked over to the island, gun at the ready. The first thing that registered was a familiar blue hat, and then he took in her face and it all clicked. "Xiao mei?"

Matty jumped a foot at the sound of his voice and turned quickly, ready to embrace her brother like a child. As she turned her enthusiastic smile melted like a snowball on the sun as she found herself face to face with a gun.
"What the hell you tryin' to do, Jayne?!" She shouted as loud as she could, which was quite loud for her small stature. She reached up and slapped his arm away, her small face a mask of indignant rage.
"You know how much I hate them things!" She planted her feet, thin arms stiff at her sides.

The gun was easily pushed to the side in his shock. "Er, I..." he stuttered, placing the weapon behind his back, tucking it into the back of his pants.

"Wha' th'hell are ya doin' on the ship?"

"Well I came t'see you, of course!" She shouted, surprise seeping into her voice. "You keep sayin' your gonna come see me, then you hardly even stay half a day? Jayne, I haven't seen hide nor hair o' you in goin' on eight years, gorram it!"
She huffed, blowing a piece of hair away from her face and suddenly looking away, serious.
"...An' you promised me..."

Jayne's face scrunched up and he looked away in embarassment. "I go where the cap'n tells me," he explained in a grumble. "I been asking to come visit, but... he goes where the job takes us."

"He's gon' kill me when he finds out yer on his boat."
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