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Cockpit: call to Zoe and Wash

Mal stalked into the cockpit after leaving the whole mess involving Jayne and his sister behind him. It seemed like things were never going to go smoothly on this boat for him. Of all the stupid things to happen while visiting Jayne's homeworld, that was the last thing he had expected. Of course, he ought to probably have guessed it would happen, or something similar. He was just glad he hadn't accidentally married her, or something similar.

He slipped into the pilot chair, checked out their coordinates and then waited for Zoe and Wash to assemble in the room, like he had asked. He really wanted Jayne in on this too but he was a little upset with Jayne at the moment. Besides, this was more of a planning stage issue and really, Jayne didn't need to help out with planning so much. He just needed to be told who to shoot and when.
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