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Keep Flying RPG's Journal
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Wednesday, December 21st, 2005
3:06 pm
Call to: anyone, Cargo Bay (NPCing Inara)
Frustrated with his little tiff with Zoe on the bridge Mal headed out of the crew quarters and into the galley. He didn't know exactly where he wanted to go yet but he knew he didn't want to be on the bridge anymore and he didn't want to lock himself in his bunk. He looked up as he heard approaching feet and saw Inara appear in the hall behind him. Their eyes met and she gave him a quizzical look since he'd called her to the bridge only minutes before.

"Forget it," Mal growled, stepping back up the steps to meet her in the crew quarters hall. "I was going to ask your help to try to get rid of the Lassiter but suddenly I don't feel like doing business anymore."

Inara's eyes were confused as she looked Mal over. "I'm sorry if I didn't arrive fast enough, Mal," she stated plainly.

Mal pushed past her, heading down the corridor that opened into the passenger quarters. "Ain't your fault, for once," he called. "I shouldn't be tryin' t'involve you in our business anyway. It ain't respectable-like," he snarled.

Inara looked to the bridge where she could still see Zoe and Wash and then picked up her skirts and started after Mal. "You know I don't mind helping out, when I can."

"Can it," Mal growled. "I ain't in the mood for this anymore. I got a whole ship full of refugees and stowaways and feel more'n'more like I'm runnin' a circus than a starship." He turned on her on the stairwell. "Don't need some whore gettin' into my business."

Inara brought herself up short and stared down at him. The surprise faded quickly. "Well. If that's how you feel then. Good luck trying to unload that priceless heirloom on your own. Too bad you got rid of Saffron--sounds like you two would have been a match made in heaven."

Mal glowered at her and thought about recanting what he had just said. Before he could, though, she turned and stalked back up the stairs and into the galley. He let her go--there was no sense in chasing her.

Turning he continued the rest of the way into the passenger quarters, circumvented them and continued down into the cargo bay. He never worked out on Jayne's weights but right now he was feeling the need to burn a little steam. He adjusted the weights to a managable amount, pulled his suspenders down, slipped his shirt off, slid onto the bench and began to press.

Current Mood: irrated
Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
5:14 pm
The rooms, the hall, and everywhere inbetween
((Calling Kaylee, we're headed your way!))
((Moving the 'Matty going to unpack' scene into a new thread to make space. There's still a leaving post in the other thread, so remember to read it~
Characters: Matty, Jayne, Simon, anyone else who's available.))

Matty moved down the hall slowly, waiting for the boys to lead her where she needed to go. She didn't know if she was moving in the right direction, but exploring would get her somewhere, she thought cheerily. She ran her hand along one metal wall, ignoring Mal's assertion that she was to touch nothing. She was in the ship, it wasn't like she could avoid touching it. She ran a finger gently over a rivet and turned back towards her brother and the doctor.
"Are you two comin' or what?"

Current Mood: impatient
Saturday, November 26th, 2005
1:08 pm
Cockpit: call to Zoe and Wash
Mal stalked into the cockpit after leaving the whole mess involving Jayne and his sister behind him. It seemed like things were never going to go smoothly on this boat for him. Of all the stupid things to happen while visiting Jayne's homeworld, that was the last thing he had expected. Of course, he ought to probably have guessed it would happen, or something similar. He was just glad he hadn't accidentally married her, or something similar.

He slipped into the pilot chair, checked out their coordinates and then waited for Zoe and Wash to assemble in the room, like he had asked. He really wanted Jayne in on this too but he was a little upset with Jayne at the moment. Besides, this was more of a planning stage issue and really, Jayne didn't need to help out with planning so much. He just needed to be told who to shoot and when.

Current Mood: sullen
Sunday, November 20th, 2005
7:48 pm
Welcome Aboard, Matty
Characters: Jayne and Matty (also open to the rest of the crew as soon as Jayne uses the intercom)
Warnings: Language

What are you doing on the boat?Collapse )
Thursday, December 1st, 2005
12:25 am
Attn: Inara
Mal left the downstairs passenger lounge, leaving Kaylee and Simon (and now River) to their own devices. He heard Zoe and Wash talking in the kitchen but opted to steer away from the happy couple. Instead he turned down the catwalk and ended up going in the direction of Inara's shuttle. He reached it fairly easily and, seeing the door open, he entered. "Hope you ain't busy," he warned as he entered and looked around. He half hoped he'd catch her doing something ungraceful for once. "Hello?"

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, November 19th, 2005
9:05 am
And A River Runs Through It...the infirmary, that is
While the others had been gathering in the infirmary, River had been looking about the ship. Everything was so very curious. River was so very curious. She caught the little things that no one else picked up on. Like Zoe, who if anyone had bothered to ask River, was not sick. Of course in order to ask, they would've had to find her; a feat which can sometimes prove quite tricky. But she didn't just pick up on the little things, she picked up on everything. That's what made it all so confusing. Even when she could make sense of it she couldn't. And so, it wasn't at all unlikely to find River staring in wonder or hiding in fear at what to anyone else would seem the simplest thing.

But not today. Not at the moment at least. When the others had left she walked steadfastly into the infirmary and looked at her brother. "Simon, good."

And then not twenty seconds later, she, well, threw up on him. It all seemed very commonplace, if you were to have seen it. As if this was something very normal in their family.

She made a face and bit her lip. "I feel sick. Fix me."

Without waiting for a response the younger of the Tam siblings made her way to the examination table and sat down, at which point she finally took notice of Kaylee, who seemed to be having some sort of reaction to the whole River experience. Since River herself wasn't really sure what that was she felt a need to explain.

"He's my brother."

(Open to Simon and Kaylee)

Current Mood: sick
Friday, November 18th, 2005
3:10 pm
Attn: Zoe
Wash headed up from the infirmary through the rest of the ship, looking for Zoe. He was just finished talking to Simon and had obtained some chalky-tasting medicine for the upset stomach he'd gotten from indulging on a little too much of Ma Cobb's cooking. Simon had been quick with a remedy for the stomach ache though and had supplied Wash with some extra medication in case Zoe had symptoms but was too proud to come down to the infirmary herself to get checked out. "Oh lambie toes, where are you?" he called as he peeked into the galley, looking for her. If she wasn't there he'd check their bunk before starting to panic about her possibly being curled up somewhere, in pain.

Current Mood: calm
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
7:02 am
Attn: Simon, Any
Mal grumbled to himself as he headed out of the cockpit of Serenity and through the crew quaters, headed down to the infirmary. They'd just recently taken off from a very . . . "delightful" . . . stay with Jayne's family, met the whole bundle of them, and picked up something of a job, too. The rich food at dinner at Jayne's, however, had not agreed with him. So he went on the way to visit the Doctor to see if there were anything Simon could prescribe to help settle his stomach.

Other than the tummy ache, though, he was in a pretty good mood now that they'd hit atmo again. He'd be feeling great as soon as he took care of this problem. He nodded to anyone he passed and started down the stairs to the infirmary.

(Delete if I'm overstepping my boundaries here, mods.)
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