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And A River Runs Through It...the infirmary, that is

While the others had been gathering in the infirmary, River had been looking about the ship. Everything was so very curious. River was so very curious. She caught the little things that no one else picked up on. Like Zoe, who if anyone had bothered to ask River, was not sick. Of course in order to ask, they would've had to find her; a feat which can sometimes prove quite tricky. But she didn't just pick up on the little things, she picked up on everything. That's what made it all so confusing. Even when she could make sense of it she couldn't. And so, it wasn't at all unlikely to find River staring in wonder or hiding in fear at what to anyone else would seem the simplest thing.

But not today. Not at the moment at least. When the others had left she walked steadfastly into the infirmary and looked at her brother. "Simon, good."

And then not twenty seconds later, she, well, threw up on him. It all seemed very commonplace, if you were to have seen it. As if this was something very normal in their family.

She made a face and bit her lip. "I feel sick. Fix me."

Without waiting for a response the younger of the Tam siblings made her way to the examination table and sat down, at which point she finally took notice of Kaylee, who seemed to be having some sort of reaction to the whole River experience. Since River herself wasn't really sure what that was she felt a need to explain.

"He's my brother."

(Open to Simon and Kaylee)
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Simon seemed to handle this problem with surprising grace. He grimaced only slightly then rose to his feet from where he was sitting beside Kaylee, getting a cup of chalky fluid for River and suggesting, "Drink this River. You'll feel better." The smile he gave her could only come from someone who loved his sister very much after the surprise she had just given him. He grabbed a towel and began to wipe himself clean. Of course the odds of Kaylee wanting to be near him now were fairly slim even if he did get rid of the physical evidence, the smell and the...taint...would surely still stop her wanting to be near him, or at least that's what he thought.
Kaylee had given a small cry of surprise, her eyes widening, when River had gotten sick. "River!" Her tone wasn't scolding, though - more worried for the younger girl.

Following Simon and River, Kaylee stood near the exam table as Simon cleaned himself off. She put a hand on River's shoulder. "The meds work real quick, honey, you'll feel better soon." Looking to Simon, she bit her lip then asked, "Is there anything I can do to help, Simon?"

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River stared at nothing in particular as she more or less listened to her brother and Kaylee talking; all the while picking out various pieces of what they said and did. It wasn't that she didn't care. Well, maybe she felt it was unimportant, but she had other things on her mind. Not so much her throwing up, that left her un-phased. But the buzzing of the ship for one. Not just in the sense of the mechanical noise but what was happening all around her. She sensed things. Confusing, yet illuminating in a way. It seemed as if things could explode at any moment. Like everything was waiting silently and at just the right, or more likely most inappropriate, moment would explode. Kind of like her vomiting.

"Simon doesn't need any help. He always takes care of me. That's what brothers do. You should get one. Then you wouldn't need him."

As rude as it may have seemed it wasn't meant to be taken so. It was just River commenting on what seemed obvious to her, in the very nonchalant manner she had taken to. Which considering the alternative states of mind she could be in, wasn't really that bad of a thing.
Simon raised his brow, "River, I appreciate Kaylee's help. She's a very good friend. Friends are like family alot of times. She doesn't neet a brother because she has me, just like you. I can take care of both of you." Though River takes most of his time. He'd love to be able to take more time for Kaylee. "I'm going to run and get some clean clothes now. Kaylee will be here to help look out for you because that's what friends do. I'll be back for you soon River."

With that he ran off to get a quick change of clothes. He loves his sister with all his help but he's prefer to not smell of vomit any longer than he must.
Kaylee watched Simon go, then stepped back and took a seat on the second bed, leaning against the infirmary wall.  Simon's words stayed in her mind, but moreover River's drowned them out.  ...Then you wouldn't need him...  She drew her knees up, holding them close to her chest.  She would have liked to leave, then, because she wasn't quite sure what to say to River - but no, Simon had trusted her to stay here, to watch his sister.

"Do... d'you want a drink of water or anythin', River?" she asked finally.  "The meds were pretty nasty."
River rolled her eyes and made a face as her brother left, then shook her head no to Kaylee's question.

"Simon thinks he's in love. Except he's not, and he knows that because, well..." She stopped herself. It was an uncommon thing, and while she still didn't have a filter on what went in for once she was able to control what came out. If she hadn't she probably would have said something along the lines of 'because people like us, and people like you, and it's not very appropriate, that's all.' At least that's what any normal person of her class and breeding would've said. You never know with River, because, well, not exactly normal.

For her part she was aware of why she stopped herself, she liked Kaylee. Maybe not how Simon liked Kaylee, but still. In some ways they were like friends, and maybe even, as Simon had said, like family.

"I'm fine now. The medicine worked and I don't need any help. Do you..."

It was hard for her. She really was trying to reach out. But she never really had fit in, even before they had done this to her. And whatever this was, it wasn't helping matters any either. She knew people were uneasy around her, she was un easy around others. Even her brother, the person she had always been closest to seemed to have more important matters to deal with. She understood that, she didn't even hold it against him. It just left her feeling very lost...and lonely.
Except he's not...  The words, once again, struck Kaylee.  She tried not to let them, to reassure herself that River was just, well, being River.  Somehow, though, this time it didn't quite work.

Standing quickly, she walked to the infirmary door.  "River, I'm just going to wait outside, here...  To make sure Simon gets back before I go back and check on Serenity."  Another step forward and the infirmary doors stood open, and Kaylee walked across the hallway to sit on the couch there.
Simon returned from changing with his usual brisk and efficient walk. He buttoned his shirt sleeves down as he moved for the infirmary but stopped as he saw Kaylee leave the infirmary. He moved ove to her and placed his hand on her shoulder affectionate but not inappropriate, "How is she doing?" He looked down into the other woman's grease-dmudged face and smiled slightly.
River walked over to the doorway and stood just inside.

"I didn't mean to..."

It was was pretty sure she had upset Kaylee, possibly even hurt her. But she wasn't sure why. She didn't want to hurt Kaylee. If anything she wanted to protect Kaylee. Yes, protect. Everyone was always so worried about protecting her, that they forgot sometimes River was the one who could actually help them.

"I was just talking and...never mind."

River walked back inside and curled up in the corner, where she tried to make sense of everything. It was all so confusing. She could find a way to make sense of of the feeble minded attempts man made at theories and equations. Sometimes she'd understand so well she could even correct. Though people weren't always happy about it, like the shepard, when she fixed his bible. But this was different; people, emotions, it's not that she didn't understand, but with everything else, it made it harder.
Kaylee looked up at Simon, and gave a half-hearted smile.  "Real... real shiny, Simon."  She looked past Simon to see River disappear back into the infirmary.  "She probably needs you now, though."
Simon nodded and somehow managed to take her words at face value, "Okay, Did you want to stay and help? Or did you have to go or someting?" He looks back at the girl, not knowing River's assessment of their relationship, and offers a last smile before slipping into the infirmary to make sure his sister was okay.

"River? Are you feeling any better?" He looks around for her fully expecting her to be curled up in a corner, as she likes doing that for some reason.
Kaylee watched Simon go tend to River, then wordlessly stood and headed toward the engine room.  He could help River - certainly better if she herself weren't around to mess something up.  Besides which, it had been near an hour now since she'd checked on her girl... 
Simon's sister was in fact curled up in the corner, much as he had expected. Upon his entering the infirmary however she sat up pulling her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around herself.

"I'm okay. Not sick anymore... I didn't mean to. I know, I know I say things. But I didn't mean...I think I hurt her. Not in the sense that I injured her mind you, but she seemed disturbed..." At this point River started nodding almost as if she was replaying the scene in her mind. "I think I upset her. All I said was that you thought you were in love, but you weren't...And then she left. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

River looked at Simon, hoping he wouldn't be too mad. After all, little sisters were supposed to embarrass their brothers, and she hadn't meant to be hurtful. She though she was bonding with Kaylee.

All very confusing...And if that wasn't enough to put her back in one of her states she still had a feeling like something bigger was about to happen. It was all very unnerving, and River, well she only was only capable of taking so much.
simon sighed and hugged his sister gently, "I know you didn't mean to hurt her, whatever you said. It'll be..." Unfortunately teh family bonding moment is disrupted as he hears Jayne's PA announcement, "That...doesn't sound good. I'd better get up there river. I have a feeling someone is going to need yoru big brother to fix them up." He grapped a towel to wipe his hands on and set off for the mess, unsure what he was going to be sticking his nose into this time.