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And A River Runs Through It...the infirmary, that is

While the others had been gathering in the infirmary, River had been looking about the ship. Everything was so very curious. River was so very curious. She caught the little things that no one else picked up on. Like Zoe, who if anyone had bothered to ask River, was not sick. Of course in order to ask, they would've had to find her; a feat which can sometimes prove quite tricky. But she didn't just pick up on the little things, she picked up on everything. That's what made it all so confusing. Even when she could make sense of it she couldn't. And so, it wasn't at all unlikely to find River staring in wonder or hiding in fear at what to anyone else would seem the simplest thing.

But not today. Not at the moment at least. When the others had left she walked steadfastly into the infirmary and looked at her brother. "Simon, good."

And then not twenty seconds later, she, well, threw up on him. It all seemed very commonplace, if you were to have seen it. As if this was something very normal in their family.

She made a face and bit her lip. "I feel sick. Fix me."

Without waiting for a response the younger of the Tam siblings made her way to the examination table and sat down, at which point she finally took notice of Kaylee, who seemed to be having some sort of reaction to the whole River experience. Since River herself wasn't really sure what that was she felt a need to explain.

"He's my brother."

(Open to Simon and Kaylee)
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